Introducing the new MagnetoSpeed V3

Everything you loved about our V1 and V2 plus a lot more! Coming soon, see details below.

MagnetoSpeed MagnetoSpeed MagnetoSpeed MagnetoSpeed MagnetoSpeed


New MagnetoSpeed V3s are shipping to dealers!

We've had a lot of inquiries about release date. We started shipping units to our dealer network yesterday (4/09/2014) and will continue to ship out to the remaining dealers as quickly as we can. No units will be available for direct sale for the immediate future. Thank you all for the interest in the product and for making MagnetoSpeed such a success.




V3 Press Release

Follow the link below to find out details on our newest products!

Press Release

MagnetoSpeed V3 Overview

Weston highlights some new features of the V3

Display Walkthrough

Alex explains how to navigate the new display