Reviews & Tests



Magnetospeed custom prototype testing @ Southwest Research Institute

*Data provided by Southwest Research InstituteMagnetoSpeed LLC worked with Southwest Research Institute(SwRI) to quantify the ballistic accuracy of the MagnetoSpeed sensor package.  SwRI uses a bench top range setup to do ballistic tests on ammunition and uses a double Oehler sky screen setup to accurately capture bullet velocity.  In the table above, seven shots were taken all using the same  ammunition (7.62x51mm M80) with the MagnetoSpeed sensor as well as the double skyscreen Oehler setup.  Velocity 1 above is the velocity measured at the first set of skyscreens and Velocity 2 is read at the second set.  When the muzzle velocity is back calculated based on the distance between skyscreen sets and the muzzle we obtain the "Calculated Muzzle" velocity in feet per second (fps).  Comparing this to the Magnetospeed data we get percent differences of less than half a percent.  This data series shows that the MagnetoSpeed is at least 99.6% accurate to the Oehler system used at SwRI for this test.  

Magnetospeed Prototype: High-Speed Video Testing

.243 round just out-running muzzle blastThe SwRI data was good but we wanted to know with more certainty how the MagnetoSpeed sensor stacked up against actual bullet velocity.  In order to do this we had to see the bullet and calculate the velocity based on actual measurements.  It was time to implement high speed video into our testing scenario.  The  picture to the left shows a slide of the high speed video we took and the home page shows a slow motion animation of a .243 caliber bullet exiting the barrel and crossing the sensor deck.  Based on visual calculations and several test shots we were able to document a 99.9% average accuracy level with the MagnetoSpeed sensor with respect to the video evidence.  

Magnetospeed prototype tests by Legion Firearms LLC with AR-15

*Picture provided by Legion Firearms LLCJamie Wehmeyer at Legion Firearms agreed to do some testing for us on the MagnetoSpeed prototype.  Using one of his custom AR-15 firearms he put over 100 rounds on the MagnetoSpeed sensor in about 5 minutes.  He reported that velocity was right within the expected published range and all the shots had a max spread of 100 fps.  When asked about the user interface he reported that it was "super easy to use".  They shot mostly single shot and 3-round-bursts and had no problem picking up the velocity.  Even though the MagnetoSpeed sensor was not really designed for rapid fire we had them do several series of continuous rapid fire.  The sensor would record data up until about the 18th shot in the rapid fire series before giving an error.  All in all a good test for the MagnetoSpeed and AR-15.

KMW- Long Range Solutions tests the MagnetoSpeed prototype

*Picture provided by KMW-Long Range Solutions.
Terry Cross at KMW-Long Range Solutions is an expert when it comes to building high precision rifles.  We had him do some initial testing with the MagnetoSpeed Rifleman and one of his custom .308 rifles.  He used Federal ammo and got a "100% read rate on every projectile".  He said his next test will be to shoot the MagnetoSpeed sensor in tandem with a PACT chronograph using standard screens to see how the two compare.  We are anxious to hear the results.